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Name:A community on aging and fandom
Posting Access:All Members
We are interested in discussions of all aspects of aging: physical, psychological, social, spiritual, fannish, etc.

How the community works

  • Posts and comments are only viewable by members, and only members have posting/commenting access.

  • Membership is moderated. New members must be approved by the moderators before they can join. If we know you, and know your online behavior to be respectful, we will approve your membership. If we don't know you, we'll be checking out your LJ to see how you interact with others before we allow you to join. If we don't know you and your journal is friends-only, we'll ask you to have another member vouch for you. We'll also be on the lookout for journals that were just created that day, a frequent indicator of an incipient troll.

  • We have committed to riding herd pretty tightly on the community's guidelines, which follow below (some of the following adapted from debunkingwhite). We will not, at least at the outset, screen posts and comments until this review has occurred. But we'll be monitoring the community very closely and will respond quickly to posts and comments that violate these guidelines.

Community Guidelines

  • Ageism, racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism/homophobia, transphobia, ablism, anti-semitism, sizism, and other oppressive belief systems will not be tolerated in this community.

  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated. You may disagree with someone and discuss that disagreement as much and for as long as you like, but if your post or comment includes personal insults or name-calling it will be deleted. Persistent flaming will get you banned.

  • In the interest of safe space we ask that, should disagreement arise, members refrain from dragging those disagreements into new posts; please keep them within the original comment thread.

  • As noted, the default setting is that posts and comments will be viewable only by members. Quoting entries or comments posted in this community in another forum is a bannable offense.

  • "On-topic" is rather broadly defined in this community, but the moderators reserve the right to delete posts that are clearly unrelated to the core theme of age and aging, or those that are engaging in flim-flam ("So, John Winchester's pretty hot for an old guy, right? OK, now let's talk about SAM AND DEAN SAM AND DEAN SAM AND DEAN SAM AND DEAN SAM AND DEAN SAM AND DEAN !!!111!")

  • In short: Don't be a jerk. The moderators are the final arbiters of what constitutes jerkhood.

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